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When it comes to business, the bull’s eye is always to make the maximum profit out of it. Profit never comes on its own. There’s always a requirement of proper marketing to reach out to customers and thus gravitating the potential clients to the offered goods or services. Gone are the days of conventional marketing philosophies that include the use of graffiti, advertisements in newspapers or roadside hoardings. In the present age, where even mailing is mostly done by electronic mailings, digital marketing in Siliguri is something that gives the best possible platform to reach out to the maximum crowd of the city.

Unlike the traditional marketing strategies that revolve around business cards, commercials on TV or radio, billboards or simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry etc., digital marketing gives a wider platform by ads being put on social networks, banner ads, websites or even mentions in blogs or articles. These, in turn, make the potential customers reach the service providers. Digital marketing in Siliguri is well sought and thus growing like mushrooms so as to make marketing options more feasible for businessmen.

With inclusion of catchy logos & taglines and well designed websites or banner ads, all in a pocket friendly range, digital marketing service in Siliguri has turned out to be pretty appealing amongst the businessmen who tend to be optimistic and believe in the philosophy of potential extraction of maximum profit by reaching out to the maximum crowd. The most interesting thing is that it’s not just the local crowd you’ll reach; it’s global with digital marketing. Unlike traditional marketing where the count of customers’ notice cannot be determined, the same is easily measurable in digital marketing; giving a clear picture about the position in the global market.

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Client Speaks

“A pleasure to deal with as always. Excellent to work with and very flexible. Do great work with attention to detail and prompt turnaround. Definitely recommend..A++...”

-  North Bengal Table Tennis Association , Siliguri


“We are very happy with the site and the process was great – responsive and accurate understanding of what we needed. Thanks very much Technogleam.”

-  Secretary, St. John Ambulance, Siliguri


“Very customer service oriented. Very good to work with. We had a lot of changes and Technogleam made changes quickly and to our satisfaction. I would highly recommend Technogleam’s services.”

-  New St. John’s High School , Siliguri


“I thought it only fair, Technogleam doing a great job for us and I want to ensure that we build a strong business relationship - we love Technogleam’s work!!”

 -  R.Chatarjee, Aranya Jungle Resort, Lataguri


 “Very professional and very patient with my numerous technical questions. Based on my very functional site that I update daily I would say Technogleam has an excellent knowledge of programming. I will use Technogleam in the future.”

-   S.Ghosh , Green Lagoon Resort, Lataguri 

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